Three different products for you

A complete line designed for the daily hair care. Three products for an effective triple-action and complete to counteract temporary hair loss, assuring all the nutritive principle and promoting the normal physiological functions of the skin. The treatment includes a food supplement that helps the trophism of hair, working from within, an intensive lotion and a hydro-alcoholic tonic, which has a direct effect on weak hair to feed it and strengthen it from root to tip. The whole range is the result of high-level research, which supports every single product line.

Hair supplements

Food supplement with Biotinax, vitamins, minerals and amino-acids, useful to hair, nail and skin trophism. The special slow-release capsule contains 4 small tablets.


Hydroalcoholic intensive lotion, extremely rich in nutritive, tonic, strengthening principles for hair and hair bulbs, studied to prevent temporary hair loss and the first hair enfeeblement.

Tonic lotion

Hydroalcoholic Tonic Lotion rich in nutritive, tonic, strengthening principles for hair and hair bulbs, studied to prevent temporary hair loss and its first enfeeblement. Ideal for daily use and after every washing.

A technological revolution with triple action

The line of intensive treatment comes from the research of daily care of brittle hair and with a tendency to fall out. Its triple action is a technological revolution in hair care research: the food supplement provides a combination of vitamins, minerals and sulfur amino acids; intensive hydro-alcoholic lotion tones and strengthens the hair follicles; the hydro-alcoholic tonic lotion acts to counter the initial weakening of the hair and thanks to its innovative formula, leaves hair clean and perfumed. A true synergy of different elements that produce a unique effect, promoting the trophism of hair.


Hectic living and external agents can damage the scalp, promoting hair brittleness and breakage. These products, dedicated to hair maintenance, are ideal for daily care of the hair while being always gentle on the skin. Learn how you can keep your hair nourished and revitalized.


Do you know the causes that make the hair brittle and prone to falling out? Thanks to extensive experience and trichological technology, Biotinax can prevent the temporary loss of hair, keeping its natural development and strengthening its anchorage to the bulb.


A head lice treatment product, which eliminates lice while acting gently on the skin. With PidBlock you get all the benefits of plant extracts and essential oils to combat lice and all their annoying symptoms, protecting the scalp from irritation and keeping the skin well hydrated.