The structure of our hair

Hair can be subdivided in three different parts:
Shaft, the visible part, outside skin.
Root, hidden inside the skin, linked to the erector muscle.
Bulb, the deepest part, which contains the matrix that generates hair.
The matrix contains germinative cells: as they reproduce, they push upwards those born previously. During this phase of growth hair cells elaborate keratin, which makes hair hard.


Hair section

Hair is made of three concentric parts:
Cuticle: the external part, made by thin and transparent cells, under the microscope it looks like an ear of wheat. It is the first part to be damaged by unsuitable shampoos, combs or treatments like perms.
Cortex: it is the middle part, hair’s thickest component. It is made of cells that retain melanin, that gives hair its colour. With age, melanin tends to reduce, thus whitening hair.
Medulla: it forms hair’s internal part and is made by round cells.
Hair follicle is a structure situated in the deepest part of derma, it is inclined of nearly 75 degrees to skin surface. Inside each follicle there is a sebaceous gland and hair erector muscle. Sebaceous gland produces sebum, a greasy substance that gives hair its brilliance and keeps it from being dry. In case of excessive sebum production, seborrhoeic dermatitis or dandruff ensue.

How does hair grow?

Hair growth phase is made of three phases:
1. Growth phase (Anagen), it lasts from 3 to 6 years
2. Involutional phase(Catagen), it lasts almost 3 weeks, during which the growth stops. In this phase, root comes off.
3. Rest (Telogen) and fall phase, from 2 to 3 months. Hair falls or is pushed by new growing hair.

Hair growth is asynchronous, which means that hair growth cycles are out of step. Usually, 85% of hair is in growth phase, 1% in involutional phase and 14% in rest phase. When growth phase is very short, hair life cycles get shorter and hair stops growing, thus falling off earlier. One of the essential elements for a healthy hair growth is the good vascularization of the hairbulb.


Hair in Anagen


Hair in Catagen


Hair in Telogen


Hair in Anagen

Hair Loss: the causes

Healthy hair is synonymous with youth and its absence may increase the apparent age. The raising of the hairline involves a change of proportions of the face, which appears more stretched recalling the look of an older person. Alopecia ends up transforming the image of those affected, bringing with it psychological implications. For this it is useful to know the main causes of hair loss and know how to prevent it.

men lose more hair than women

Climatic changes linked to
the cycle of seasons (in Autumn and Spring hair loss increases)

Health conditions
(medicines too can alter the regular life cycle of hair)

Hair density
(the more hair you have, the more will fall)


(the use of brush causes a mechanical shock and a traction that facilitate loss)

Smoke or inadequate diet


Frequent washing
with unsuitable shampoos

Women can have hormone imbalances during pregnancy and after delivery.

A remedy for hair loss?

Fundamental action on the follicle and the hair.

The vitality of the follicle ensures its proper development, and direct action on the hair strengthens it and slows the loss of hair.

Rigenforte product uses a number of principles, suitably combined with each other, to ensure maximum effectiveness in the prevention of hair loss. Biotinax, patented ESI formula, consists of Biotin, Methionine and Cystine. Methionine and Cystine are sulfur amino acids that strengthen the keratin structure of the hair, giving it strength and elasticity. Biotin is able to balance the production of sebum in the skin and scalp, eliminating related hair problems.

In addition, the synergy of valuable substances such as Caffeine and Menthol, Panthenol and Vitamins E and F, stimulate blood circulation, oxygenating the hair bulbs to maintain their state of wellness, preventing aging and strengthening the hair. Even Stem Cells, thanks to their mechanisms of regeneration and cellular protection, are used in many products for hair loss prevention due to their stimulating effect of the hair bulb. Finally, the well-known antioxidant properties of argan oil, along with Diamino Pyrimidine (Aminexil), give Rigenforte products a valuable healing and moisturizing power.

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