It’s Ok, there’s PidBlock

Trichological experience eliminates lice and protects the skin.

PidBlock is the complete line of products for the treatment of lice without the use of chemicals. PidBlock products create an unfavorable environment for lice and at the same time protect the skin and hair. The special PidBlock formula uses plant extracts and the properties of essential oils to protect the natural environment of the hair, making the products ideal for frequent use.
The essential oil penetrates directly into the nits and facilitates the mechanical removal of lice; the shampoo enriched with Vitamin B5 deeply cleanses the skin and protecting it allows the removal of lice; the lotion spray, applied directly, protects the hair. The extracts of lemon and peppermint make them pleasant to use and release a botanical fragrance, avoiding the typical bad odors of regular hygiene products with chemical agents.
Spray oil for the efficient treatment of lice and nits, without chemical agents. Thanks to its formulation, it is recommended for treating lice, while being delicate and protecting the hair.
Shampoo with vegetable extracts and essential oils, ideal for combined use with products against pediculosis. It creates an hostile environment for lice infestations.
Spray the lotion, containing alcohol, directly on the hair and scalp. It helps protecting and keeping the hair healthy, creating an hostile environment for lice infestation.

Check out the full line of intensive treatments. Three products, unique in their composition, to counteract the temporary hair loss and to strengthen it from root to tip. The intensive treatment uses Biotinax technology to strengthen and protect hair follicles.


Hectic living and external agents can damage the scalp, promoting hair brittleness and breakage. These products, dedicated to hair maintenance, are ideal for daily care of the hair while being always gentle on the skin. Learn how you can keep your hair nourished and revitalized.


Do you know the causes that make the hair brittle and prone to falling out? Thanks to extensive experience and trichological technology, Biotinax can prevent the temporary loss of hair, keeping its natural development and strengthening its anchorage to the bulb.

What are head lice?

Lice are parasitic insects with a similar color to hair and for this reason difficult to detect with the naked eye. In order to grow lice prefer dry, clean hair. These characteristics are typical of children’s hair, which is why this problem is often associated with childhood, but they can also affect adults. Lice do not have any serious health consequences, but cause annoying itching and spread easily. Scratching repeatedly can break the skin, leaving it weakened and exposed to infection. Lice survive normal washing, so we need a targeted treatment that creates an unfavorable environment, eliminating them. PidBlock only contains plant extracts that act in a purely mechanical way, eliminating lice, protecting and moisturizing the skin.