Biotinax: your daily ally

The energizing, anti-dandruff shampoo and revitalizing conditioner use Biotinax technology: a formula patented by ESI, with high-reinforcing and restructuring action, while respecting the fragility of the hair by taking care of the follicles. A true daily ally for fine and brittle hair that needs to be revitalized and hydrated every day.

Energizing shampoo

Energizing and strengthening shampoo rich in special principles that prevent hair enfeeblement process and consequent hair loss, with nutritive and strengthening action.


A shampoo with a ‘grommage’, exfoliating formula, which helps remove dandruff flakes that are still firmly attached to the scalp, as well as excess sebum, thanks to a basic formulation that adheres to them..

Revitalizing conditioner

Conditioner suitable for worn out and frail hair that tend to fall, rich in nourishing principles, studied to prevent temporary hair loss and its first enfeeblement.

Strength for everyday living

Rigenforte maintenance products with Biotinax technology are your daily allies in hair care. The line is the result of extensive research, that aims to provide an innovative solution to the problems of a sensitive and easily irritated scalp. Every day the hair is subjected to different stress factors such as sunlight, wind, smog and hair dyes, weakening the scalp’s natural defense capabilities. The result is often fine and brittle hair, with a tendency to fall out and develop dandruff. The maintenance line with Biotinax technology consists of products aimed at solving specific problems related to irritability and sensitivity of the scalp. With healing actions and respect for fragility, hair becomes soft and regenerated, while the delicate and highly cosmetic formulations make it a pleasure to use.


Check out the full line of intensive treatments. Three products, unique in their composition, to counteract the temporary hair loss and to strengthen it from root to tip. The intensive treatment uses Biotinax technology to strengthen and protect hair follicles.


Do you know the causes that make the hair brittle and prone to falling out? Thanks to extensive experience and trichological technology, Biotinax can prevent the temporary loss of hair, keeping its natural development and strengthening its anchorage to the bulb.


A head lice treatment product, which eliminates lice while acting gently on the skin. With PidBlock you get all the benefits of plant extracts and essential oils to combat lice and all their annoying symptoms, protecting the scalp from irritation and keeping the skin well hydrated.